The Tapestry Couch

I moved into Join the Dots almost two years ago, when life was a bit more tumultuous than it is today. The small studio sits at the Enmore edge of Marrickville and houses a diverse range of creatives - ceramicists, painters, animators and more. I feel lucky to have found a workspace where I am surrounded by good humans, not just the other artists who share the studio space, but also the group who run it. When things get crazy in life, as they always will, it’s comforting to have a space to come to which is consistently welcoming and inspiring.

Tasman Munro is part of the team who run Join the Dots, and undoubtably most stellar guy you’ll ever meet. A few months ago he asked me to photograph a social design project he’d been working on with people who are seeking asylum. The photos we took are an end result of a project that is much more than the object itself, I encourage you to read more on his website

The Tapestry Couch is a collaborative social design project that celebrates the empowering stories of people seeking asylum in Australia…. Through it's making the project also intended to hold space for people to spend time with these stories, not just telling them but engaging with them in an immersive way, siting with them, holding them and physically building up imagery around these stories with the hope of creating vibrancy around these small but empowering moments. - Tasman's website